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Debugging Oracle SmartView

Smartview can be a bit of a pain when it doesn’t work. The error messages tend to be both very vague and user-hostile with phrases like “Logon Error!” and “jbips.common.jbipsexception”.

My first port of call is usually to check the server side log, located at <>/servers/bi_serverN/logs/jbips.log. Often this will contain some further information for example if the user has provided an invalid username/password or is using an incompatible version of SmartView.

This doesn’t always help though, as the error might not get as far as the server. In that case the client log is useful, though when I just looked for mine and couldn’t find it, until I realised that logging was disabled on my client (therefore that’s likely the default).

To find the SmartView client logging settings, look under the Smart View pane in the Office ribon, and select Options. Then the logging settings are under Advanced. Check the box to route messages to file, and set the log level to something appropriate (Errors or Warnings sound like a good place to start, increasing from there if necessary).

Error: biserverxmlcli COLOCK_ISSET

When trying to apply an XML patch to our repository using the biserverxmlcli command (as per section 6.3.3 of the Oracle® Fusion Middleware XML Schema Reference for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) we started getting the nQSError codes 46036 & 43113 with the specific message:

Internal Assertion: Condition COLOCK_ISSET(value), file server\objectmodel\Src\SORpObject.cpp

Well, that wasn’t too specific so we spent a while searching around for what was causing it. We checked the patch file, and the repository file we were trying to apply the patch to and both were fine. Searching the internet and MOS returned details of an old issue that we already had the patch applied for, and it was working the day before, so it was unlikely to be a specific bug.

It turned out that the admin account we were using to apply the patch had insufficient privileges to apply the patch to a running repository. When running the command as another administrator everything worked fine, as did the original account when we had corrected the permissions!

Node Manager Unreachable

Today I hit a problem were Enterprise Manager was reporting managed server BI_server1 was down. That was a surprise as I was pretty sure it had just started with no problems!

Refresh EM. Still reported as down.

Restart everything. Still “down”.

Okay, back to the WLS Console. Nope, BI_server1 is definitely running. So why doesn’t EM agree?

After a bit of digging, it turned out that the Node Manager was unreachable, according to WLS Console. And the node manager was logging:

<WARNING> <There was a problem initializing the domain <domain> at 'D:\OBI\user_projects\domains\domainName'. Please make sure that this domainName: <domain> is registered and is fully enrolled for this nodemanager at: 'D:\OBI\user_projects\domains\domainName'.>
<WARNING> <I/O error while reading domain directory>
java.io.IOException: Invalid state file format.

I followed a few guides to re-register the domain with Node Manager, and each time I tried it reported back a successful registration but the issue remained unresolved.

For server bi_server1, the Node Manager associated with machine MyServer is not reachable.

A search on Oracle support for the above turned up Doc ID 1293552.1, NodeManager not Reachable: java.io.IOException: Invalid State File Format.

I opted for option 2, stopping the node manager and admin server then deleting the following files:

…user_projects\domains\\servers\bi_server1\data\nodemanager\bi_server1.state …user_projects\domains\\servers\bi_server1\data\nodemanager\bi_server1.lck …user_projects\domains\\servers\bi_server1\data\nodemanager\bi_server1.pid

After starting up Node Manager, Admin Server, and BI_Server1, then restarting all the managed services in EM, the environment was back up.