Setting up OBIEE for customisation

RittmanMead already have a good and detailed post on this, but basically:

Configuring the Directory

First, we need a directory to use. Either on the server or at least somewhere it can access.

To get this directory ready we first copy in the WEB-INF directory from {MIDDLEWARE_HOME}\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServer\coreapplication_obips1\analyticsRes

We also have to copy the skin (sk_blafp) and style (s_blafp) directories from {Oracle_Home}\bifoundation\web\app\res and rename them to sk_custom and s_custom respectively. While we’re there we’ll make a CustomMessages directory too

The UI directory now has three subdirectories:

  • sk_custom
  • s_custom
  • CustomMessages

Next this directory has to be made available through a web server. For simplicity we will use Weblogic as we have that handy. To expose the directory using Weblogic, it is deployed as a J2EE application using the WLS Console.

  1. Log into the WLS Console, navigate to Deployments then click the Lock & Edit.
  2. Click the install button which has now become available.
  3. Enter the path of the UI directory previously set up and select Next.
  4. Opt to “Install this deployment as an application”.
  5. Select to deploy the application to a cluster, and the bi_server# component part of the cluster.
  6. Customise the name, if you like, and select the option “I will make the deployment accessible from the following location”, the path to the UI directory should be populated below.
  7. Click Finish

There should now be a new application called UI (or whatever you customised the name to) in WLS. Apply the changes and then check the state of the deployment to make sure it is active.

Configuring OBI

Next we need to configure OBI to use the styles and skins from the new location.

Into the InstanceConfig.xml ({MIDDLEWARE_HOME}\instances\instance1\config\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1) file we add:


To enable this change, the presentation server component will need to be restarted.