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Error: biserverxmlcli COLOCK_ISSET

When trying to apply an XML patch to our repository using the biserverxmlcli command (as per section 6.3.3 of the Oracle® Fusion Middleware XML Schema Reference for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) we started getting the nQSError codes 46036 & 43113 with the specific message:

Internal Assertion: Condition COLOCK_ISSET(value), file server\objectmodel\Src\SORpObject.cpp

Well, that wasn’t too specific so we spent a while searching around for what was causing it. We checked the patch file, and the repository file we were trying to apply the patch to and both were fine. Searching the internet and MOS returned details of an old issue that we already had the patch applied for, and it was working the day before, so it was unlikely to be a specific bug.

It turned out that the admin account we were using to apply the patch had insufficient privileges to apply the patch to a running repository. When running the command as another administrator everything worked fine, as did the original account when we had corrected the permissions!